About Us

The first thing you will find at Twist is an uncontrollable urge to allow yourself to indulge in a vast array of fresh, premium frozen self-serve goodness. With a passion for finding only the best ingredients, we offer up to 24 luscious flavors, carefully chosen for their ability to make your palate smile! We know that you want it your way and that is why we offer the most twisted array of toppings, fresh fruit (daily!) and decadent sauces, guaranteed to make each visit to Twist an exceptional one.Keeping aligned with Twist's commitment to a healthier lifestyle, we offer only the finest, hand picked products. Featuring Nonfat and lowfat yogurt, with one of the highest counts of beneficial probiotic live and active yogurt cultures, vitamins and minerals especially needed for digestion and all around good health.Finally, we here at Twist are all part of the fabric of every community we serve. We are all about family and that is why we pledge our commitment to participating in that environment, recognizing that in order to gain your trust we need to provide you with a unique, consistently satisfying experience every time.